Issues that Affect Our Community - The 45th

For several years, I have been driven every day to help families in my community. Being an elected schoolboard member in the Alexandria City school division provides me with real world view into what families, children and the professionals that support them go through. I like to listen to their needs and try to solve issues at the policy or budget level. At the Campaign Kick-off in February, I asked people to vote on their top three issues they feel challenge the 45th and the Commonwealth. The top issues are outlined below.

Improve Education

My goal in the General Assembly is to
preserve and protect local control to oversee the proper allocation of taxpayers’ dollars.

  • Analyze the local composite index against the school division’s FARM rates to fund proper resources
  • Expand Pre-K by encouraging combined funding models and infrastructure assistance
  • Encourage alignment with VA companies and the CTE offerings statewide
  • Expand college programs that help affordability for students that need to work

Protect Women's Rights

Despite achievements that have been made for women’s rights in the 20th century, addressing the issue of gender inequality is needed in Richmond.
  • Protect women’s health and reproductive choices
  • Assistance in education and nutrition services for pregnant women and infants
  • Progress on equal pay for equal work
  • Promote programs and advocacy that prevent violence against women
  • Invest in quality childcare programs, especially for low-income populations
  • Grant access to vital medical and social services
Caring for the Environment

I am interested in developing a high investment in clean energy, which would create more jobs than continuing with coal.
  • Create initiatives that advance wind farms
  • State funding to protect our rivers and lakes in a fiscally responsible manner
  • Continue to realize goals of the initiatives for rising sea levels, greenhouse gas, invasive species and improving wetlands
  • Set ambitious solar goals and commitments, offer new solar incentives, and promote new community solar programs for municipal buildings

Transit advancement in
Northern Virginia cannot continue to be
denied state assistance.

  • Fair share funding for Northern Virginia transportation needs
  • Create a floor for fuel sales tax that funds transportation in the Commonwealth
  • Work to find better solutions that reduce gridlock and protect our environment
  • Think creatively about how to fill the transit funding gap coming in 2020

Worker's Rights

Families, especially working single women with children, need fair wages and benefits that promote productivity and job security.

  • Raise Virginia’s minimum wage to at least $15 and increase minimum wage from $2.13 for tipped workers in a multi-year budget planning effort.
  • Equal wages for women and minorities
  • Encourage at least 12 weeks of paid family leave, 2 weeks of paid vacation, and one week of paid sick days
  • Support Unions in order to defend the rights of workers to organize for better pay and working conditions
Gun Violence Prevention

We can keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people without sacrificing our 2nd amendment rights.
  • Restrict ownership to domestic abusers, court-confirmed signs of mental instability, vocal/written support of terror organizations and convicted criminals
  • Gun sellers contribute to the FBI database when a purchase is made to identify if somebody is on the terror watch lists
  • Restrictions on magazine size,  quantity of bullets that can be purchased monthly

Supporting Small Businesses

It is imperative for our community to help small business owners thrive and expand.

  • Easier to start businesses
  • Help businesses offer robust benefits to contribute to their communities

Affordable Health Care

Virginians deserve access to affordable
health care and services, especially those with pre-existing conditions.

  • Reform and expand Medicaid
  • Provide equal and quality health care
  • Mental health advancement in support


My goal in the General Assembly is to
preserve and protect local control to oversee the proper allocation of taxpayers’ dollars.

  • Increase safety in communities by allowing residents and drivers to get IDs
  • Help children of immigrants receive the services they need to thrive while living in our cities