School Board Highlights

About Karen

Graf is married to Timothy J. Graf and has three children who attend Mount Vernon Community School and George Washington Middle School. She has been a resident of the Del Ray community in Alexandria for 13 years. She has a professional experience in technology, management, finance, knowledge management and human resources .

Each Board vote from 2013 to-date was given a healthy debate and we moved through a lot of content over the years. We never avoided controversy but made sure we moved to productive solutions for the community. Here are only some of the highlights of the work accompished while I was School Board Chair:
  • Hired a qualified superintendent who is leading ACPS to excellence and equity
  •   Started and adopted a new five-year strategic plan for the division
  •  Applied proper fiscal oversight in all areas of ACPS, including independent business performance audits
  •  Organized the Capital Improvement Plan to reflect the division's capacity needs
  • Completed the first phase of the Long Range Educational Plan with the City
  • Completed a total review of all division policies
  • Began and recently completed a long overdue redistricting effort
  • Combined the middle schools from five to two in two campuses
  • Minimized leadership turnover at central office and at the schools